Atlas Copco Handheld Breaker Point Steels

Atlas Copco

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Atlas Copco offers a broad range of handheld working tools, with the highest level of quality. Shank steels are produced to ISO 1180 dimensional tolerances, ensuring correct fit between the tool bushing, tested and approved for use on the Atlas Copco breakers. You can set them to work on the toughest job sites and for the most complex applications, as they have been manufactured with the same quality standards as your Atlas Copco breakers. The working tools are manufactured from low-carbon steel, combining the benefits of a hardened case without the risk of core brittleness. With a softer core, the working tools provide optimum resistance to bending stresses that typically occur with handheld powerful breakers. This results in longer lifetime, while protecting your breaker from secondary damage (e.g., on the piston). Our wide portfolio allows you to choose the best tool for each application, increasing productivity and reducing cost of operation.

Moil point- Breaking in concrete and hard material. General-purpose tool with wedge action to break off a fragment.

Narrow chisel- Breaking in concrete and hard material. General-purpose tool that controls the line of fracture.

Asphalt cutter- Cutting hot rolled asphalt. Gives a straight and clean cutting edge.

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